Personal Care Of The Elderly

Personal care is a very important health issue and it is even more important when it comes to aging people, because improper personal care can put their health at risk and cause serious damage.

It is also important to bear in mind that we all have the right to grow old with respect and dignity; it is for this reason that we must provide adequate personal care to our elderly.

It is important to develop a relationship based on respect and trust between the elderly person and the caregiver, as this will make personal care routines more comfortable and easy for both parties.

Here are some tips to take into account when it comes to personal care of our patient:

The bathroom or place where the toilet is taking place

It is important that the bathroom is conditioned so that an elderly person or with a disability can use it comfortably, usually the care plan is in charge of putting the necessary utensils, such as pot holders, as long as they are required.

We must check the space well, make sure it is dry and clean, the water to be used must be at an adequate temperature, therefore it is necessary to verify before using it.

It is also important that we make sure that the utensils that the person is going to use, for example their towel, are at a safe distance, as long as possible we must allow them to do things for themselves and the caregiver must be aware of everything time to assist you.

Clothing or clothing

As for the appearance, it will depend a lot on the personality of each patient, it is important that the caregiver knows her patient well, in order to guarantee that he feels comfortable with the clothes that he is using.

In terms of hygiene, the caregiver must ensure that the person always has clean, comfortable and dry clothing.

Oral hygiene

We must ensure that patients clean their teeth correctly and frequently, as well as ensure that they have their regular visits to the dentist.

At Happy Life Home Health Agency Inc. We know what the needs of patients are and what is the appropriate care to maintain the hygiene and health of our patients, we have qualified and competent personnel to maintain their care and dignity.

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