Who Qualifies For Long-term Care Services?

Long-term care services are, as their name indicates, home care that is requested for a period equal to or greater than 6 uninterrupted months, this service is generally required by seniors, people who have been disabled by some disability or because for medical reasons they need assistance in their daily care.

This is a well-known service in New York City, but unfortunately not all of us handle the exact information of what is needed to request the long-term care service, that is why today we bring this article, to provide you with all the information about who qualifies for these services.

Requirements to apply for long-term care services Happy Life Home Health Agency:

The requirements to request long-term care services may vary depending on different factors, care agencies work with different care plans and health insurance, that is why below we are going to specify which requirements a patient must meet to obtain the care services through our agency.

If you do not meet these requirements, you can still contact the Medicaid office so they can provide assistance on what would be the best option for you.

Must Have Medicaid

The issue of how a person can qualify for Medicaid depends on many factors, one of them for example is that you must receive a retirement check of no more than USD $ 890.00, this in the case of the elderly, but if you do not have your Medicaid and If you would like to have this benefit, you can call 718-557-1399 and request information on how you can apply for Medicaid.

– Must Have medicare

As we already know, Medicaid is divided into different parts, these cover the part of the patient’s hospital, recreation centers, outpatient care, medical equipment among other things.

The person must be aware of what type of coverage they have in their medicare, in order to get a better benefit from it, if you do not have medicare, you can call 800-633-4221 and request information on how you can apply to obtain it.

– Be of legal age

There are many agencies that provide long-term care services without any age restriction, but in the specific case of our Happy Life Home Health Agency, we only work with people who have reached the age of majority.

– Can I apply for services if I only have Medicaid?

A person who only has Medicaid WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL INSURANCE is eligible for care services through our agency

– Can I apply for services if I have Medicaid + private insurance?

As we mentioned before, the requirements to request care services vary depending on the agency, in the case of our agency unfortunately a person who has Medicaid + additional insurance (without Medicare) cannot request services with us, in that case they would have You have to ask your insurance company to provide you with long-term care services.

We are aware that this is a fairly extensive topic and that it can be a bit complicated to understand it completely, we try to explain it to you in the most understandable way possible, but if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 646-974-7896 or at 646-810-9265.

If you meet the requirements to apply for HHA or PCA services, you can complete the application form by clicking the button below.

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